Our playful side reveals itself in the form of parallel projects
that exercise our minds. We create greeting cards, short films
and products ranging from mugs to coffee tables. Many have
turned into hard-working sales successes, which are also
available from our online shop.

A Christmas Cackle Self promotional direct mail

Spreading warmth & happiness

Being located on Ebenezer Street seemed like a gift, in terms of Christmas card ideas. So we gave ourselves a restricted task to design something more memorable than the usual Christmas card, that not only played on our location, but also reflected our offering of creating charismatic communication.

We animated Ebenezer Scrooge’s expression from glum to glee, in the form of a flip book using 25 frames. Each frame was illustrated in pencil to give a victorian feel. To give Scrooge a reason for transforming, we wrote 25 Scrooge-inspired Christmas cracker style jokes to accompany each facial frame.

Early Victorian versions of ‘The Christmas Carol’ story books influenced the styling of the flip book. On the first page, the recipients name was pencilled underneath “This book belongs to:”.

The title – ‘A Christmas Cackle’ was accompanied by two decorative holly leaves that double as smiles.