Our playful side reveals itself in the form of parallel projects
that exercise our minds. We create greeting cards, short films
and products ranging from mugs to coffee tables. Many have
turned into hard-working sales successes, which are also
available from our online shop.

Bar Humbug Christmas Gift

Sharing the spirit of Christmas...

Our brief was to create an original seasonal gift that would remind clients, potential clients, suppliers and associates of our ability to generate memorable, relevant ideas.

Our solution was inspired by our studio address, Ebenezer Street reminded us of the Dickens character who eventually embraced the spirit of Christmas. Taking Ebenezer Scrooge’s infamous rejection of all things festive, we resolved to turn “Bah. Humbug” into a seasonal gift of Bar Humbug. We briefed a distillery to concoct mint humbug infused with vodka and looked forward to the first tasting session. Our reaction “That’s the spirit”, became a message on the 50ml bottle. “What the Dickens can we write on the card?” we thought. A dip into the classic Christmas Carol provided the answer.