At the heart of every project, there is
a campaignable idea that expresses
our clients proposition in a simple,
confident and compelling manner.

Cakey Face Logo

A smiling slice of the 60s...

We delivered: Logo


Our client designs, bakes and decorates specialty cakes for birthday parties, baby showers and other assorted celebrations. Her style is decidedly quirky…one design resembles a dropped ice cream cone splattered onto a pavement. She came to us with a name – Cakey Face – and a brief to create a logo that summed up her out-of-the-ordinary cake-making proposition.


Inspired by the company name (naturally) we created a logo featuring a cakey face. Drawn at a three-quarter angle with candles and a cream filling, it also takes its inspiration from the Acid House ‘Smiley Face’ of the 1960s ‘Summer of Love’.