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Daddy Donkey Rebrand

Giving an overweight Daddy Donkey a well needed kick up the ass...

We delivered: Strategy / Logo / Take-away bags / Staff uniform / Stall livery / Copywriting


Daddy Donkey based on Leather Lane in London, is a mexican street food stall speciailising in fast and fresh Burritos. Since starting with a single table and stove in 2005, they had steadily expanded in to a large van with regular large queues snaking down the road. However the Daddy Donkey branding hadn’t developed and was limiting Joel Hendersons ability to secure funding from investors to scale the business and move into a retail unit.

We were briefed to create a bold flexible identity that would help give Daddy Donkey more stand-out and make them a credible brand for potential investors.


Using a Donkey as an icon for the brand was an natural choice. However the existing Donkey, an overweight PiƱata wasn’t the best mascot for a healthy lunch destination. Inspired by the the popular Luche Libre (Mexican Wrestling),
we created a lean Luchador wrestling donkey. The logotype was inspired by the typography of mexican wrestlers and we added the strap-line ‘Kick-ass Mexican Grill’ a reference to the spicy kick of Mexican street food (and the Donkey obviously).

The logo was given a distressed texture (created by hand painting the logo onto wood) to give the identity a mexican street art feel and add to the handmade feel of the brand. All-in-all a Knock-Out identity.


Since the rebrand, Daddy Donkey gathered pace, buying a larger street vending vehicle, they engaged more thoroughly with their customers via our clever copywriting and illustration applied across multiple touch points including
t-shirts/uniforms, napkins takeaway bags and the vending vehicle itself.

The Daddy Donkey brand imagery was created by hand-painting onto distressed surface to give a street feel.

Previous logo (not our design)

No Luchador is complete with out a rival, enter Burger Boy! An over-weight arch enemy who personifies unhealthy eating.