At the heart of every project, there is
a campaignable idea that expresses
our clients proposition in a simple,
confident and compelling manner.

Desi Cooks Packaging

Preparing an authentic, convenient brand. (Not ready in minutes).

We delivered: Strategy / Logo / Packaging / Copywriting


A ‘kitchen-table’ start-up enterprise asked us to help create a new brand in the Asian prepared food market. The client had a batch of original recipes for authentic Asian food and a brand name – ‘Desi Cooks’. ‘Desi’ is a homely, traditional term for the people, cultures, and products of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our brief was to take this brand name and create a cost effective packaging solution that communicated authenticity and modern-day convenience.


With the raw ingredients of a brand name and desired personality, we set to work. Blending timesaving with authenticity, we used an egg timer / sand clock visual to quickly convey the message that Desi Cooks food is ready in minutes. Giving the bottom half of the egg timer an Asian architectural shape confirmed its ‘Desi’ heritage. We used warm, culinary colours to emphasise the product’s wholesome nature and created a bespoke typeface to reinforce this message. The font’s full point mirrored the egg timer’s Asian character. Although our solution was by no means ‘ready in minutes’ it was readily appreciated by our client.

Egg timer showing the various colour coded indian architectural sand shapes

Back of pack detail. Making good use of the timer device to communicate the cooking times.