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Elton’s Packaging

Reel creativity...

We delivered: Packaging


A concept and label for a special edition beer named Elton’s.


We began by delving into the origins of the name Elton. We discovered that ‘Elton’ could come from the Old English words ‘ael’, which means ‘eel’, and ‘tun’, meaning ‘place or enclosure’, referring to a place where eel’s were caught. We took the bait and immediately started to cast around for label motifs based on eels, angling and fishing boats. ‘Elton’s Reel Ale’ became the brand and its suitably Old English provenance became ‘Brewed in Aeltun Established 1303’. Trawling around for a neck label message, we came up with ‘Hook, line and sink it’.

Giving an appropriate phrase a twist.

To integrate the name more tightly with the holding device, the apostrophe becomes a splash from the waves below.

A fishing hook s subtly used as an underline .

The 'E' monogram becomes as an anchor.