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a campaignable idea that expresses
our clients proposition in a simple,
confident and compelling manner.

Fika ‘Koppen’ Packaging

Blending creativity with coffee

We delivered: Packaging, Illustration


Fika Bar & Kitchen asked us to create the packaging for their own range of coffee called ‘Koppen’ meaning ‘The cup’. The look of the packaging label would have to reflect Fika’s proposition of being the creative place to take a break, and fit within their existing branding.


We gave the cup bags of personality with different costumes to express the unique character of each blend.


Fika pretty much hit the ground running, where they sold out of their first batch within their first month of selling.

The range of three blends.

Koppen logotype.

Koppen logo.

Blend 1: Punchy, robust, smooth & rich.

Blend 2: Nutty and subtly fruity.

Blend 3: Smooth, mellow & caramelly.