Our playful side reveals itself in the form of parallel projects
that exercise our minds. We create greeting cards, short films
and products ranging from mugs to coffee tables. Many have
turned into hard-working sales successes, which are also
available from our online shop.

Footsie table Coffee table

Treading new territory in furniture design...

We tasked ourselves with the challenge of designing an coffee table for our studio, that could raise a smile and spark conversation, and hopefully stand the test of time.

We designed a reinforced fibreglass table that stands on re-crafted mannequin legs. The table top has rounded edges and a seamless surface that continues underneath, legs are mounted in a recess and secured flush to the surface.

The table is admired by our visiting clients and grabbed the attention of design magazines and bloggers. It’s been featured on TV programmes – ‘Gok Won’s Fashion Fix’, ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Styled to Rock’. It also made it’s way over to the Hayward gallery for ‘The New Décor’ exhibition. The Footsie Table has been made to order for private collectors. Bespoke orders are accepted via our contact form or online shop.