At the heart of every project, there is
a campaignable idea that expresses
our clients proposition in a simple,
confident and compelling manner.

Fresh Point Brand creation

Making a fresh eating concept appetising to Russians...

We delivered: Logo / Packaging / Retail environment / Print advertising / Menus / Uniform / Illustration


With the rising popularity of ‘fresh fast food’ in Europe, Fresh Point planned to introduce this concept to an unfamiliar Russian market.

The challenge was to raise awareness, differentiate the brand from competitors and help consumers understand the concept of the new store. We had to convince them that they no longer had to choose between fast food and slow table service and persuade them to come in and sample Fresh Point’s fare for themselves.
Our task was to create a brand identity that would help position Fresh Point as the new destination for healthy fresh food served quickly and conveniently.


We created a leaf-shaped logo that could adapt to many applications. It became a branding device with green, natural credentials, a ‘pointer’ drawing attention to various product benefits and a memorable visual element on the shop exterior, in-store posters and packaging.


“What we have received, was much more than we had expected. Not only was our concept perfectly realized, but it showed of their creative flair for interior design ideas and branding work. What’s more, we found them to be true partners in the project, who were caring, full of fresh, interesting and talented ideas, 100% involved and prepared to go an extra mile for the right result.

I highly recommend Designers Anonymous and hope to work with them again.”

Natalia Aero Partner, Fresh Point.

We devised a versatile leaf shaped logo that doubles as a pointer. It points to a variety of fresh benefit messages, such as 'Made fresh every morning'.

The leaf/pointer can rotate through 360 and can change colour to become either a blue water drop or brown coffee drop on a coffee cup.

andwich pacakging is sealed with a Fresh Point leaf sticker that points to a message reading 'This sandwich was made fresh in our kitchen this morning.'

A branded pattern was created using the logo, this is printed on glass dividing panels instore.

Logo directs customers to the front door

Interior 3D render

Bespoke tables have a diagonal colour split a reference to the colour split within the logo.