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GameStick Packaging

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We delivered: Packaging


Gamestick, developed by British firm Playjam, is a portable games console based on the Android’s mobile operating system. Its core hardware is contained in a small stick that can be plugged into the HDMI socket on any smart TV. Our brief was to create a packaging solution that communicated the brand’s innovative simplicity. As Gamestick is produced in different forms for different markets, the packaging solution had to be flexible.


From the outset, the elegant simplicity of the Gamestick console and user interface heavily influenced the direction of our design solution. We created a packaging format based on the actual stick, with a slipcase that slides off to present the product. A finger-hole opens the box and a tray lifts off to reveal the controller. The box is constructed from covered card and the trays are laser-cut high-density foam. Accommodating the need for different product combinations, we produced different inserts that maintained the overall ‘look and feel’ of the design solution.

The GameStick micro-console