Our playful side reveals itself in the form of parallel projects
that exercise our minds. We create greeting cards, short films
and products ranging from mugs to coffee tables. Many have
turned into hard-working sales successes, which are also
available from our online shop.

Hallowe’en promo Self promotional mailer & video

Pick or Treat? A bloody good Halloween brainwave

A client’s request to ‘pick your brains’ turns nasty in this short shocker of a viral video. We made the film to drive potential clients to our website, although a few may have been driven to cower behind the sofa.

Those not of a nervous disposition could view the gore-fest while tucking into a free bag of gourmet popcorn. Their appetite may have been dulled by the packaging, of course, which took on the guise of a scalped head overflowing with popcorn brains. “This is a cut-throat industry”, says the client in the video, and our black comedy flick cut deep into the target’s psyche to drive the message home.