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Joe & Seph’s Brand creation

Making gourmet popcorn doubly desirable...
From start-up to UK’s best known brand of gourmet popcorn – our part in the rise of Joe & Seph’s.

We delivered: Naming / Logo / Packaging / Print advertising / Collateral / E-commerce website / Branded video / Copywriting


A popcorn connoisseur, Joseph Sopher would bring home incredible popcorn for family and friends whenever he visited the US. Then it struck him: popcorn in the UK is so dull, why not create a product that tastes amazing? In fact, why not be even more ambitious and reposition popcorn as a premium product people might buy as a gift or treat. In other words, let’s make gourmet popcorn for grown ups.


Working to a tight deadline, we enabled Joseph to transform his imaginative product into a standout brand. We wanted the name to work hard, referring to Joseph but avoiding a generic ‘Joe’s Popcorn’ approach. The more we talked to Joseph, the more we realised that he was performing two roles – connoisseur and chef. So we came up with Joe & Seph’s: wearing a chef’s hat he’s Joe, wearing a top hat he’s Seph. Translating the ‘dual role’ concept into a visual identity, the top hat is the chef’s hat in reverse.

Without thinking twice, Joseph bought into the idea.

We then developed a system of colour combinations for the labels and, taking cues from categories such as wine and chocolate, added tasting notes to the back. Since launch, we’ve applied the system to a wide range of packs and materials, from seasonal shapes to glass biscotti jars. And we’ve created an array of communications, including an e-commerce website, literature and ads – all infused with the visual and verbal flavours of Joe & Seph’s.



Growing fast, the brand is now stocked by a range of premium retailers in the UK, from Harrods to Waitrose, and by [750] smaller retailers. It’s offered by a number of hotels and airlines, including Claridge’s, BA and US Airlines. And it’s exported to 15 countries.


“We are now the most well-known gourmet popcorn brand in the UK, and one of the most well-known British popcorn brands in the world. We couldn’t have done it without the right design. I’m delighted with all the work produced by Designers Anonymous.”

Joseph Sopher


Chef and top hat are the same.

Joe & Seph's Christmas gift packaging.

Detail of branded snowflake pattern.

Joe & Seph's iconic Biscotti jars.

Joe & Seph's and Brew Dog collaboration.