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Patchett’s confectionery Brand creation

The perfect solution for a gourmet confectionery brand...

We delivered: Logo / Packaging / E-commerce website / Art direction


Patchett’s is a small confectionery company run by Nicola Patchett. From her kitchen in London, Ms Patchett began making fresh gourmet marshmallow to order for a deli in Spittlefields. However, her branding failed to communicate the handmade quality of her product and grab the attention of other buyers. It lacked standout from other established brands that dominated the shelves.

We were asked to reinvent the Patchett’s brand, communicating its artisan, handmade qualities. The aim was to establish Patchett’s as a credible contender in the gourmet confectionery market.


Spending time with Nicola Patchett, we were impressed by the lengths she went to perfect her recipe for gourmet marshmallows. After many test sessions, she finally arrived at a recipe and process that met her strict standards. It was at that point that we created the line ‘Patchett’s makes perfect’, setting the tone for the entire identity.

We developed this ‘practice/perfection’ theme for the packaging and website design. The packaging features patterns morphing from icons representing the flavour to icons representing the marshmallows.

On the website, fun discoveries can be found when rolling over the ‘Add to basket’ buttons, revealing comments such as ‘I can’t wait!’ ‘Oh – the excitement!’ and ‘All mine!’


Patchett’s confectionery has gained a great deal of attention from buyers at food tradeshows. The new branding has helped Ms Patchett engage with buyers and set up meetings with well-respected premium stores across the UK. Following the significant rise in demand, she has had to source a much larger kitchen. She now feels confident about her brand, and is practicing new ways of making more types of perfect confectionery to expand her range.

“Designers Anonymous did an amazing job re-branding my business and creating my website. They created a brand that was interesting, beautiful and completely captured the essence of my ‘natural handmade’ business. I absolutely loved the final results and have had endless compliments about my packaging and website.

My new branding has given my business the professional edge that I needed, and my products are now stocked in retailers around the country. I am also in talks with a number of larger national companies who have approached me independently after seeing my products or website. My products have been featured in both regional and national press.”

The logotype is based on a tweaked version of an art-deco font, to which we added a central keyline.

The apostrophe within the logo type is based on a traditional candy cane.

The packaging is inspired by vintage confectionery and features a repeat pattern that continues the 'Practice makes perfect' repetition theme.

Complete range of marshmallow

Each flavor has a unique pattern based on a key ingredient. Left to right: Lemon, Gingerbread, Lavender, Vanilla and Raspberry.

Visit the website here... www.patchettsconfectionery.co.uk

A set of icons that deliver brand messages, illustrated in a simple silhouette style in keeping with the brand.