Our playful side reveals itself in the form of parallel projects
that exercise our minds. We create greeting cards, short films
and products ranging from mugs to coffee tables. Many have
turned into hard-working sales successes, which are also
available from our online shop.

Silent Butt Violent Short film

'Silent Butt Violent'

A ‘gifted’ hitman with unusual means of assassination, targets three consecutive victims.

This story was primarily conceived to be shot on 8mm film for the Straight 8 competition, which entails making a film on one cartridge of super 8 — without editing. The first time filmmakers see their film is at one of the worldwide premieres. Silent Butt Violent was heavily storyboarded and shot over 2 days in East London.

Taking the advice of our friends at Wired Video(.net), we shot this digital version at the same time.