At the heart of every project, there is
a campaignable idea that expresses
our clients proposition in a simple,
confident and compelling manner.

Will & Jamie’s Brand creation

Milking a partnership...

We delivered: Logo / Packaging / POS marketing / Stationery / Website / Art direction


Dairy farmers Will Pritchard and Jamie Adams realised that using their milk to make fresh yoghurt drinks could be a lucrative alternative to supplying their milk to the supermarkets. Having created 3 fruit based yoghurt drink flavour they needed a credible brand to appeal to retailers and end consumers. Being new small brand in a competitive market the brand needed to engage consumers and communicate the product provenance.

Our brief was to create a comprehensive brand identity that communicated their honest and compelling story to savvy consumers beyond the borders of Pembrokeshire. One other important consideration was a solution that could be implemented without breaking the bank. All of this needed doing whilst not forgetting to have a little fun.


We summed up Will and Jamie’s dairy partnership by creating a friendly Pantomime cow. The cow was drawn in serval poses to communicate different messages, for example the cow is shivering on the refrigerated van. We commissioned costume makers to create a pantomime cow costume based on our logo. We then art-directed a shoot at their farms in Pembrokeshire, this helped to communicate the provenance of the brand. These shots were used on the website, stationery and point-of-sale items.


The identity was an immediate hit with retailers and customers, causing a production headache for Will & Jamie. It also gained a commendation in the 2008 Benchmarks Award, which focuses on excellence in comprehensive brand identities.