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Zest Packaging

Revealing that Zest sauces have nothing to hide...

We delivered: Logo / Packaging / Illustration


Zest is a range of ‘pure’ pasta sauces and pestos, free from artificial ingredients. The owners regarded it as a failing brand, as its presence on shop shelves was rapidly declining. Its problem was that the design (shown below) was bland and confusing, as it positioned Zest as an Indian product. The packaging failed to communicate the brand’s unique selling point, giving shoppers a reason to buy.

We were asked to revive this practically dormant brand by creating new packaging that explained its existing ‘Free from artificial anything’ claim in an eye-catching, engaging way. The aim was to create a new look that would help the product get re-listed in delis and food halls.


We employed naturists to expose the truth about Zest pasta sauces and pestos.

In a crowded market, Zest needed a distinct personality, so we created a team of personalities. With only a key Zest ingredient to preserve their modesty, our band of naturists campaigned on the ‘Free from artificial anything’ manifesto. Cheekily, the pack asked purchasers to ‘See behind for details’.


Zest’s shelf space has increased significantly in delis around the world, including an approximate 200% increase in Whole Foods Markets, the prestigious supermarket chain specialising in natural and organic products.

The design of Zest also scooped a Bronze award in the Pentawards, 2012.

Previous packaging (not our design)

The cap was left 'natural' silver.

Each product within the range has a unique character holding a 'Free from artificial anything' sign with an arrow containing the words 'See behind for details' prompting you to refer to the back of the jar.