At the heart of every project, there is
a campaignable idea that expresses
our clients proposition in a simple,
confident and compelling manner.

Fresh Awards Integrated campaign

A knock–out campaign.

We delivered: Campaign strategy, logo, strap line, puppet design and creation, copywriting, digital teaser ads, video direction and production, awards book, awards night programme, social media game, trophy design.


With an ever increasing number of creative award schemes in the calendar, how could Fresh – a fun but credible award scheme set up to celebrate fresh ideas and creativity in advertising, design and PR - retain interest from existing agencies and influence new agencies to sign up during uncertain financial times?


We asked ourselves ‘Why Fresh’?, it became obvious when looking at the panel of judges – all top drawer in their respective industries. With this in mind, we made the judges heroes of the campaign, and turned them into sock puppets with a whiff of arrogance, challenging creatives with a strap line and campaign logo “Knock Our Sock’s Off!”. 

With limited time available, we pulled our socks up and brought each puppet to life across a promotional video, digital teaser ads, awards night programme and awards results book. The branding from the logo, and sock theme was further developed across typographic layouts, certificates and trophies to give a cohesive feel.  


The campaign exceeded expectations – the number of entering company’s rose by 11%. If you wonder what happened to the puppets? They’re now in the safe hands of their respective judges. Bless their cotton socks.

Ben Casey, The Chase

Simon Elliott, Rose

Graham Goodkind, Frank PR

Jim Thornton, VCCP

Bil Bungay, BMB

Paula Kelsey, founder of Fresh

Jim Thornton appearing in an online teaser ad

Bil Bungay also appearing in an online teaser ad

Stills from the promotional video

The Fresh Awards 2014 results book front cover

The Fresh Awards 2014 results book inside spread

The Fresh Awards 2014 results book inside spread

The Fresh Awards 2014 results book back cover

Fresh Award trophy's (we also won another silver, and two commended)

Various levels of awards given

Trophy detail

Trophy detail

The judges socks, knocked off (in detail).